As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new stuff to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!

New for November and December 2021: This will be our last update for 2021. Santa took note that we skipped a month so it's gonna be coal and switches for us. Here in the States, right after Thanksgiving, you can't escape Christmas music for the next thirty days. The next thing you know you will hear a song about wanting a hippopotamus as a gift, an elderly woman getting run over by a caribou, dogs barking Jingle Bells, and it seems to go downhill from there. Quick,before we are all sick of Christmas music, name your favorite Christmas recordings.   Here's three that are particularly good: The Drifters White ChristmasBeach Boys' Little Saint Nick, and Darlene's Love Baby Please Come Home  (performed live for decades on the Letterman annual Christmas show).  Back in 1963,  Darlene Love's voice was chosen by music producer Phil Spector, over his girlfriend (and later, wife) Ronnie Spector, which was the right thing to do, but it is doubtful these two ladies exchange Christmas cards.  Many sound recordings are stored in the Library of Congress for eternity, these examples are located here and here and here.  How many of your works are stored at LOC?

Meanwhile, what's new at Microwaves101? 

  •  We have a new page on the Tsai balun. This network is made from a pair of Lange couplers to provide 180-degree 3-dB outputs (or inputs).

  • We added definition of a balun, compared to a 180-degree hybrid. The difference is in the ability to isolate the 180-degree signals.

  • We added Pafnuty Chebyshev into the Microwave Hall of Fame. He was a 19th century Russian mathematician that is well known as his name is forever associated with equal-ripple design characteristics in filter and transformers. In our Hall of Fame, you can even "take a walk" with him!

  • We offer an improved version of our S-parameter mixer spreadsheet.  This upgrade one fixes the problem of negative group delay in high-side mixing, thanks to a paper by Dr. Dylan Thomas and alert message board readers madengr and Frauke. Here's a shortcut to our download area if you just want to grab the revised spreadsheet.

  • Here's a page devoted to repairing corrupt Touchstone (S2P) files (thanks to Microwave Office!)

  • Hopefully some of us will have cool Yuletide parties to attend this December, which would include music and "party supplies". If that's not happening, you can sit at home in your shorts with a bottle of Bushmillls and explore our playlists on songs about radar, songs about radio and songs about satellites. All hail Odin!

  • We added "conopulse" to our engineering portmanteaux dictionary. It refers to conical monopulse (radar), an idea published in 1978.

  • We added University of Massachusetts Lowell to our Microwave Colleges list.  Go River Hawks!

  • In October we posted a link to video on the idea of coupled oscillators.  In November we posted two videos on phase noise. Enjoy!

  • Over the years the Unknown Editor has provided invaluable (unvaluable?) insights into what constitutes a Microwave Career Killer.  Perhaps he has been right and wrong in equal measures. We've decided to add this knowledge to our encyclopedia, and deal with one topic at a time, and pose each topic as a question to the audience  Start here, and then you can click through to a new page on Active Denial - Career Killer?

  • How about purchasing some microwave stuff for holiday gifts? We have two items on our discussion board... Here's someone that wants to sell a copy of HandyCompact, a blast from the past! Here's someone offering a Sage 50-70 GHz microwave to 1.85mm SMA feed that needs a good home.

  • Speaking of our discussion board, we've always got some questions that need YOUR answers. Not much going on there for this month, so we asked our own questions (which we honestly don't have answers to...we really don't know everything!)  Here is a question about harmonic content generated in solid-state switches.  Here's a request for some equations for monopulse networks Have you any ideas on how to design a  passive tripler to generate signals above Ka-band? Pop on over to the discussion board to register and sign in, then chime in on existing threads, or start your own topics. Our user approval process is quick and anonymous, blocks most bots, and eliminates spam by more than 99%. At least that's what the sales rep told us...

  • We're always fixing typos and making corrections of one kind or another.  Notice something not-quite-right? Let us know!

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