As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new features to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!

Welcome back to school to all students of microwave engineering! We're here to help.  Let's see what's new on the Microwaves101 site for September 2018... hint:  there's tons of new stuff!

  • Things are settling down on our new platform.  As you may have noticed, there are far less broken links than in the recent past. In fact, we might be at an all-time low at under 300 across the entire site. If you see any issues, please send a note to Brenda!

  • There's an entirely new page for University of Oklahoma, a.k.a, OU. This college dominates in the field of weather radar and meteorology, as Oklahoma is in the center of Tornado Alley.  Tin-hat parents, don't send your kids here if you want them to be spared from that crazy climate-change conspiracy....

  • Many of Microwaves101's broken links are on our college pages, as professors move around and URLs change.  How about you microwave students look for your school on our site, and if we have omitted it, or our description is not up to date, send us a quick page with links, images, and whatever you think we should include.  If you're the first to submit your school, we'll send you a check for $25 so the beer will be on us!  Offer good until October 15th, 2018, duplicate submissions don't count, employees and relatives of Bill Gates and Elon Musk are not eligible...

  • Cylindrical phased arrays are a thing of the near-future, for weather radar and defense systems.  The path toward fielding them lies in the digital T/R module, where each element has clock in, bits out.  

  • Did you ever wonder who developed stripline technology? Did you know that it had a competing name, as "Tri-Plate?"   You can visit our main stripline page for explanations, graphics, equations, and even a rule of thumb. But for those of you who like the context of a thing, we've split off and expanded the History of Stripline onto its own new page.  If you want to access all of our content on microwave engineering history (or any of our other sixty categories), click on the "microwave encyclopedia", then pull the dropdown menu to filter by category, then scan down until you see the history category.

  • Speaking of history, we have a new page on the History of Electronic Warfare, Part 1,  contributed by Mario over at Mercury Systems.  Thanks, Mario! 

  • Speaking of new contributors, the good people over at Noise Tech Microwaves have sent us a much more complete explanation of noise parameters and the equations you need to express them.  Thanks!

  • Those of you who get the MW101 Video Stuff newsletter already know this, but for those who don't, we've posted a new series of videos on the LDMOS page. They're from the YouTube channel of creator and ham radio operator "KF80D", and show an experimental 1.8-60 MHz (a popular HAM radio frequency range) 1000 watt LDMOS power amplifier with liquid cooling.  

  • We've also got a new page on dual junction circulators. These are used in high-end T/R modules to duplex transmit and receive signals to the antenna, and ensure that poor antenna match does not cause load pull.

  • Fixes and updates:

    • Our downloadable VSWR spreadsheet has been fixed, thanks to DIV.  It had a problem which gave incorrect amplitude of the reflected and transmitted waves. The fix is described (not very well) on our visualizing VSWR page.  Just make sure you are using Rev 4 of the spreadsheet and everything will be copacetic.
    •  We posted updated information on our Women in Microwaves page.
    • We have a link to some new PCB freeware called PCB Creator over on our Software for Circuit Layout page. Thanks, Nicole! 
    • There's a new materials resource called Matmatch on our Microwave Materials page - it looks really comprehensive to us. Thanks to Andre!
  • The discussion board has moved to "Plush", as we noted in our last update.  Trust us, this is a good thing. If you were a registered board user, you should have received a special invitation to sign up for the new one. Or you can just pop on over (click the Discussion Board link at the top of every page) to sign up and share your own wealth of microwave knowledge. We've copied over some of the old discussions, and you can still contribute to them, or you can start your own discussion by posting a question or comment.

  • Meanwhile, on our brand-new discussion board, someone is looking to buy connectors that are set up for a 90 degree W/G transition, and someone else is looking for advice on filter software.  Pop on over to the discussion board to register and sign in, then chime in on existing threads, or start your own topics. Our new user approval process is quick and anonymous, blocks most bots and and eliminates spam by more than 99%. At least that's what the sales rep told us...

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