As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new features to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!

New for July 2020:  In addition to the number-one-in-the-world death and disease statistics in the United States, there are a large assortment of ways the country is screwing up our Covid-19 response. Companies are contracted for millions of dollars for supplies they have no idea how to deliver, so they wing it. Would you feel guilty if you were paid $69M to deliver ventilators, based on a tweet? The bottom-feeding "market research" industry is selling crap articles on how the refrigerated rental truck industry will benefit from Covid 19, if you have $3480 that your company needs to part with.

Veteran's home patients have been prescribed a dubious Covid Cocktail while ambulance-chasing lawyers have their sights set on relatives of nursing home deaths. Here in Tucson, funeral homes are running out of space to store bodies (hence the need for market research on reefer trucks). We hope anyone reading this is staying home, but if you have to go out, show some respect for people that don't have the luxury of social distancing and WEAR A MASK. It sucks that the government and Wall Street want things to return to "normal", when they aren't the ones who have to serve food in a restaurant, teach in a classroom, or ride the middle seat on American Airlines. Meanwhile we throw trillions of dollars at the problem without oversight.  It is truly an historic failure at many levels, but when it is all over the heros and villains will be easy to identify.

In other news, a modern-day Mozart has passed away; be sure to click the video on the upper right of the Microwaves101 home page to watch the Danish National Symphony Orchestra perform one of his best-known works. RIP, Ennio Morricone.

Once again, it pales in comparison to current events, but what's new at Microwaves101 for July 2020?

  • Speaking of market research, we put together a page on microwave market research. Bring the mustard!  Here's some free market research: today (13 July 2020) Analog Devices announced the will acquire Maxim for $21B. Let the cost-savings begin!

  • We've updated our Darpa page to include the WARP program (tunable filters) and Voices of Darpa podcasts.  We also ask a tough question: how diverse is this tax-payer-funded organization?  The survey says... and what's this about a Darpa RN DMC program?

  • We added permalloy to our portmanteau page and started an (empty) page on this material that we will fill out later, if we feel like it.

  • We cleaned up our high-permeability material page and added a comment about the relation between susceptibility, density, molar mass and permeability, thanks to Joakim.

  • Plextek RFI is now rebranded as PRFI, as of 8 July 2020. Read about that on our where-are-they-now page  Also, we added a paragraph on Infinite Electronics, they seem to be picking up a lot (definitely not an infinite number) of well-known brands. What's that about? Other updates to that resource include Zeta Labs being part of API, thanks to Tom. 

  • Surface roughness effect on propagation delay is a new page, thanks to a message on our microwave forum.

  • The IMS 2020 event has been rescheduled for 4-6 of August 2020 as a virtual event, we hope to see you there, if you are up for a Microwaves101 Zoom Party.  If you are an IEEE MTT-S  member it is free to attend the "live" on-line sessions, and you can pull up the talks later as videos, up until sometime in September. Here is the page where you can register right now, and download the papers very soon.  If you are not a member you will have to cough up a few Tubmans, but the conference is steeply discounted compared to a normal non-Covid, non-tear-gassing year.

  • Our video last month was all about ways you can make PIN diode switches, which actually caused a viewer to send us an email about how he really liked it. No fooling!  Here it is in case you missed it!

  • We're always fixing typos and making fixes of one kind or another.  We fixed some stuff on our Doherty amplifier page thanks to Gregor and Dawood (requested in two separate emails)  And as always, we've been updating links throughout the site.  Notice something not-quite-right?  Let us know!

  • Meanwhile, on our discussion board, we've got some questions that need YOUR answers. Eric wants to know about TEM mode in microstrip, Magneto wants to block one signal and pass another one.  Arezoued had a question about cable EMI.  SM4RZW was looking for a waveguide sliding short and found one. Got some answers?  Pop on over to the discussion board to register and sign in, then chime in on existing threads, or start your own topics. Our new user approval process is quick and anonymous, blocks most bots and eliminates spam by more than 99%. At least that's what the sales rep told us...

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