As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new features to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!

New for September 2020:  We welcome all microwave engineering students back to class and we hope you are all staying safe and healthy. At the University of Arizona, wastewater analysis was used to pinpoint two asymptomatic students living in a dormitory, isolate them and stop COVID-19 in its tracks.  It's so refreshing to see science (and dare we say engineering) join the battle and displace quack cures, wishful thinking and corporate money grabbing. Check out a video of U of A's Dr. Ian Pepper explaining the concept of waste-water-based epidemiology to CNBC news.  It should be unnecessary at this point, but we still offer the same three words of advice: Wear. A. Mask! Insert your favorite expletive if you like.

Special thanks to our international friends who stopped into our IMS2020 Zoom brown bag lunch on 5 August. Your Microwaves101 COVID-19 masks are in the mail, but are probably held up as the U.S. Post Office is being attacked as a means to disenfranchise voters. Close down more than 1000 voting centers where opposing people live, amplify the results with extreme gerrymandering and voila, someone might just cheat their way past the electoral college.  Just a normal year here, nothing new!

Meanwhile, what's new at Microwaves101 for September 2020?

  • The end of August 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Microwaves101 presence on the web. The Unknown Editor (and his supreme helper) provide some historical background, and explain what  We Ain't Been Slack Cap'n Walker is all about to people who were not in on that joke.

  • We started a page on microwave terminations, and also added a new category for "microwave terminations" in the encyclopedia. Categories are lists of related pages. You can search Microwaves101 categories by going to the encyclopedia page, and pulling down the menu at the top and setting to "filter by category" (as opposed to the default "filter by topic"). Since each page is assigned a unique category, competitors can use this feature to estimate the number of pages Microwaves101 has posted in our encyclopedia, nearing 1,000 at the close of year 2020. As Nikita Kruschev once said, "We will bury you!" (in Microwave knowledge).  Enjoy!

  • As an example of a microwave termination we now offer a page on the dot termination, a cool, wideband termination that does not require a ground connection. We posted about two beer's worth of EM analysis of what you could do for a dot termination on a GaAs MMIC. We conclude that you will probably never want to do this, but the dot termination certainly has places where it can out-perform other geometries.

  • We added an entry to our Radio Songs page. Iggy Pop's Lust for Life has a drum beat that he attributed to Morse Code. If you have maybe $40K laying around you can bid on a 1984 Ferrari that Mr. Pop used to drive in Florida, it is coming up for auction in the UK...

  • We have updates to Uli and Simone's waveguide and waveguide flange databases. Danke schoen, Microwaves101 Freunden!

  • Our Darpa MIMIC program page sports an image of a commemorative coffee mug for the Texas Instruments/Raytheon team, a match made in heaven but later ended up in a much darker , underground place.  And we added an amusing viewgraph, taken from a "foil", not PowerPoint, which could be interpreted to show that some program managers are sexually frustrated...

  • Our featured video last month came from Maury Microwave's YouTube channel, where you will see someone perform a 1.85mm male-to-female (insertable) calibration using airlines that work to 67 GHz. It is a tedious process, and if you are not careful you will trash a $10,000 calibration kit before you eat your first donut of the day. Don't even think about having coffee before performing this procedure...

  • We're always fixing typos and making fixes of one kind or another. Got a graph and need to figure out all the X-Y coordinates? This month we updated links to some online graph digitizers on our noise parameter example page. Thanks to Javen for this prize-worthy contribution!   We've updated the webinar info on the IEEE-MTT page, and continue to monitor the status of Microwave Events on our Calendar page. Notice something not-quite-right?  Let us know!

  • Meanwhile, on our discussion board, we've got some questions that need YOUR answers.  Here's a discussion on how to make a coaxial connection to an expensive analyzer (it's great that someone would ask this!) We have further discussion on a frequency-selective limiters.  We are still waiting on answers to two market-research questions, one on frequency and one on  time delay units (TDUs). Got some answers?  Pop on over to the discussion board to register and sign in, then chime in on existing threads, or start your own topics. Our new user approval process is quick and anonymous, blocks most bots and eliminates spam by more than 99%. At least that's what the sales rep told us...

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