As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new stuff to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!

New for January 2022: Glückliches neues jahr everybody!  Welcome to the world of Omicron. If you are triggered by discussions of vaccines outside of your belief system, don't read any farther...

Count yourself lucky if you didn;t already get infected, and there is far more infections to come. In our household, five out of six immediate family members tested positive over the holidays, and four were in bed for a week. All were up to date on their shots.   If you are unvaccinated, you might do a lot worse than resting up at home... Pay attention to actual data rather than loud voices of people that profit from spreading falsehoods.  For example, Washington state has compiled statistics showing that vaccines reduce chance of hospitalization by 10X for 12 to 34 year-olds, and 14X for 35 to 64 year-olds. If you are 65 or older, consider that chance of death from COVID19 is 10 times higher for unvaccinated versus vaccinated.  Have you ever been in a hospital for an extended stay?  It's no party.  Jello for lunch, analog television on a 14-inch CRT screen, a roommate that won't stop coughing and needles in your arm 24-7.   If you go to a hospital that has "Saint" in its name (26% of the hostpial beds in the world belong to the Catholic Church), you may be bothered daily by nuns about your plans for the afterlife. Hospital stays involve a surprising amount of money, and depending on your health care plan you may be be paying thousands of dollars out of your own pocket. In any case, good luck to all of us, and we should soon be on the other side of the Omicron curve. Maybe by March 14, we will see a new "pi" strain...

Worried about getting a vaccine? Learn about the US vaccine adverse event reporting system on the CDC site here, and learn about vaccine myths and facts here. Hint: some of the compiled myths are ridiculous, but not as crazy as the latest "therapeutic" of urine therapy.

Meanwhile, what's new at Microwaves101? 

  •  We have improved Poynting vector page. We added content on th right-hand rule that applies to cross-products, gave lip service to including little arrows on vector notation. We show an example of TEM energy and how you can tell the direction of energy flow from its E and H fields. We added two videos. The first one is short and sweet and explains the right-hand rule. The second on is more involved and is titled "A Big Misconception about Electrictity - Energy Doesn't Flow in Wires." Thanks to David S for sharing that!

  • We added MIL-DTL-39012 (Performance Specification Connectors, Coaxial, Radio Freqiuency, General Spefication For) to our mil specs for microwaves page. It talks about RF connectors, but it punts on torque specs. Paragraph 3.1 states "The individual item requirements shall be as specified herein and in accordance with the applicable specification sheets."

  • Did you know that the IEEE has a standard for precision (threaded) connectors? IEEE STD 287, among other things, specifies connector torque settings. Unfortunately, it is only about precision connectors, so it does not cover SMA, SMB and other cheap commercial connectors. Here is a new page where we summarize what is in IEEE STD 287.

  • No videos were posted in December, we have some good ones in the queue for January and February!

  • On our (underused) discussion board, we've always got some questions that need YOUR answers. Eamon wants some info on a low phase noise power splitter. Steve (yeah, that Steve)  posted a question about using baluns to combine power amplifers. And he also asked about harmonic distortion in PIN diode switches, which received a great answer!  He's still waiting for an input on monopulse equations. He also answered his own question about a resource for diode multipliers, but the referenced book is out of print and out of stock.  Maybe you have a copy you'd want to sell? Pop on over to the discussion board to register and sign in, then chime in on existing threads, or start your own topics. Our user approval process is quick and anonymous, blocks most bots, and eliminates spam by more than 99%. At least that's what the sales rep told us...

  • We're always fixing typos and making corrections of one kind or another. One recent problem involved a technical website that had a lot of traffic, that accidentally expired and was picked up by a porn site.  Thanks to an alert reader we've fixed that and we offer apologies to anyone that inadvertently connected to something that was NSFW.  Notice something not-quite-right? Let us know!

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