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New for October/November 2022:  The Microwaves101 website had to take a month off due to a full dance card in October, including doing the Foxtrot with a bride we have known for 33 years... if anyone needs a beer burro for an event near Phoenix, let us know and we can introduce you to "Nacho."  

Sixty years ago on 27 October 1962, the fate of the world was in the hands of three men.  Russian sub B-59, contained a nuclear torpedo, was submerged off the coast of Cuba.  It was being pummeled with depth charges by US destroyers, trying to convince it to surface. Cut off from the world and suffering from lack of oxygen, B-59 suspected that WW III had already broken out.  The sub had autonomy in deciding when to launch its deadly cargo, but it took a committee of three people to make the decision.  Lucky for us, one of them was 36 year-old Vasili Arkhipov, the second captain and brigade chief of staff, who talked the captain out of uncorking 10 kilotons of death and destruction. The submarine surfaced, then limped its sorry ass back to the Soviet Union. Episodes like this make it doubtful that Homo Sapiens will be able to survive another 300,000 years, even if we can figure out how to live on a barbequed planet.  If only we could tribulate all the would-be oppressors to the "Good Place" and leave the rest of us peace-loving hippies alone... For now, try to enjoy every sandwich!

Meanwhile, what's new at Microwaves101? 

  • Here's a contributed article on What is Burn-in Testing, and its Importance in PCB Assembly.  Thanks to Ken!

  • Microwaves101 slackers out there need to step it up and shoot in some content, or you will never win a Microwaves101 pocketknife like Ken just did.

  • We added a clarification on the coax cut-off calculation, thanks to a question from Xin. Our equation for cut-off wavelength is correct, but you could say that the answer is counter-intuitive.  Feel free to challenge us whenever you see something that is not explained well, or (gasp) is incorrect.

  • Our featured videos for October were recordings of some of Dr. Eli Brookner's lectures that focus on phased array radar. Watch and you will learn facinating stories such as the massive AN/FPS-85 phased array radar that the USA pointed at Cuba in 1965, which literally went up in smoke when it was turned on. Confused about the difference betwen Cobra Dane and Pave Paws?  Pay attention so you can win that Thanksgiving argument with your intoxicated father-in-law!

  • Eli Brookner passed away in 2021 but he touched 10,000 lives with his lectures.  Therefore we've added him to the Microwave Hall of Fame!

  • Here is a page on Josephson junctions, where we remove it from the career killer category, thanks to some gentle prodding from smarter people.  It's about time!

  • Uli's awesome waveguide list has been updated, get yourself a new copy, or just bookmark our page on wavegude dimensions and we'll keep you up to date.

  • We added an additional "old school tool" (a calendar calculator Presidio Components). We grabbed it from Presidio's exhibit at October's BCICTS event. Thamks to all the sponsors and exhibitors for their generous support!

  • It's holiday gift-giving season! Go to our Gift Shop and check out our Redbubble shop where you can purchase your own Microwaves101 coffee mug, stickers or water bottle!  If anyone is interested in other products send a request and we will add more ways to show you are a fanboy or girl. So far we have raked in six bucks in commissions, which we will trickle down into the Barrio economy,  one beverage at a time.

  • On our discussion board, we've always got some questions that need YOUR answers. Right now we still have a few unanswered posts, please try to help out our members. Step it up and go!

Connectors suitable for a TRL calibration (microstrip) - Microwaves 101 Discussion Board the age-old problem of connector compatibility versus calibration accuracy.

Clarification on IM3 measurement of high-power amplifiers - Microwaves 101 Discussion Board simple question about IM3 measurements where you can be the hero!

PA Input Protection - Pass Pulsed RF and block CW - Microwaves 101 Discussion Board how would you design an amplifier that would self-limit its duty cycle?

Supply chain issues - Microwaves 101 Discussion Board can we all take some time to vent a little?

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  • We're always fixing typos and making corrections of one kind or another. There are a few issues on our microstrip and stripline calculators that caught our attention, thanks to Julian.  These should be fixed in the coming month, you can't rush into these things as calculator pages are easy to break if you don't know what you are doing.  Mainly, we want to add two graphics to make the dimensions clear, and we really need to remove the word "microstrip" from a stripline calculator page.  But as they say on Tobacco Road, "that don't hurt the running of it none".  As always, if  you notice something not-quite-right, let us know!

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