As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new features to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!

Thanks to all who visited us at the EverythingRF/Microwaves101 booth at IMS this year.  We'll be writing up a few observations (and maybe posting a picture or two)  soon.  In the meantime...  

  • This month we have some big news. We've moved the entire site to a new platform and a new server. The pages have all been categorized, so now if you are interested in a particular topic (say, amplifiers) you can easily find all that content. For the first time, someone (Brenda!) reviewed every page, fixed most of the links (you can never fix them all...) and made notes on where the weak points are.  This is an ongoing process, so as always, we'd love to hear what you think!

  • The discussion board has moved as well... if you were a registered board user, you should have received a special invitation to sign up for the new one. Or you can just pop on over (click the Discussion Board link at the top of every page) to sign up and share your own wealth of microwave knowledge. We've copied over some of the old discussions, and you can still contribute to them, or you can start your own discussion by posting a question or comment.

  • We have sad news on two fronts. Harvey Kayley, founder of MiniCircuits, has passed, on May 30th. Harvey took a component business from his kitchen to a worldwide enterprise. You can learn from Harvey's experience by watching a video of him speaking at IMS 2013. 

  • Jerry Schnappacher also passed on on February 2nd, at the age of 71.  You might not know who he is, but if you ever used alumina "Probe Points" for evaluating microstrip circuits, you owe him thanks.  Probe Points are those tiny alumina CPW-microstrip transitions that provide a ground-signal-ground interface to circuits that were born without testability in mind.  His Company, J-Micro, also marketed inexpensive probe stations. This was literally a Mom and Pop company, we are hopeful that someone will pick up the product line.

  • We offer you a new page on FT and Fmax.  You'll learn about Mason's unilateral gain (U), then we'll show you how to calculate how much gain to expect at any frequency below Fmax, using a 20dB/octave rule of thumb. Apologies for zero content on FT, we'll get to that later.

  • Here's a page on EmDrive.  Remember all the hoopla four years ago, including the grand experiment that NASA did to "prove" that EmDrive would enable space travel to distant exo-planets?  Some German's recently repeated the experiment and found the source of propulsion.  Hint: you don't need to break Newton's Laws to explain it. It might be time to stick a fork in EmDrive technology. It is done. The NASA report will live on as an example of something you should never put your name on, unless you are named Heywood Yapinchme.

  • We've done some updates to the Miller Effect page, thanks to Hadrien

  • Meanwhile, on our brand-new discussion board, we have posted a question about coax to PWB vertical connection.  Pop on over to the discussion board to register and sign in, then chime in on existing threads, or start your own topics. Our new user approval process is quick and anonymous, blocks most bots and and eliminates spam by more than 99%. At least that's what the sales rep told us...

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