As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new stuff to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!

New for August 2022: It's summer vacation, who cares about microwave engineering?  You should, but we will forgive you just this once. But we do we have a lot of contributions from users to report this month, so some of us have been busy!

Meanwhile, what's new at Microwaves101? 

  • The Unknown Editor is going down memory lane, with cartoons from his childhood.  As your employer pays you to carefully study this new page, you will learn about dentistry in the 1930s, how to tear down a house, how rocket propulsion works, and you might even learn about a person that claims he is in possession of Napoleon's left testicle.

  • In last month's IMS wrap-up, we did not have a copy of the Women in Microwaves logo.  It is literally a woman inside a microwave oven.  Now we do, thanks to Nina.  You can find it here.

  • Here's a new freebee: an S-parameter plotting tool called SPLOTRF. We have posted a link on our free EDA tools page.  So far it only works on Apple products. Thanks to Damon for pointing out SPLOTRF!

  • Our microstrip loss calculation equation was corrected, thanks to Hayrat. The mistake was small but it might actually be a decade old.  Don't believe everything you read on the internet!

  • We added Julien's description of how to interpolate S-parameters using scikit-rf, here.  Thanks again!

  • We have some significant equation corrections on phase shifter multi-state calculation, thanks to Patrick. The equations are needed to turn binary bits on and off, from a sweep of "xstate". Not interested in phase shifters? We feel sorry for you.

  • We added AGDMC to our list of MMIC suppliers.  It's part of Amplitech and offers some nice LNAs (less than 1 dB noise figure!) and passive filters.

  • On our discussion board, we've always got some questions that need YOUR answers. Right now we have quite a few unanswered posts, please try to help out our members.  It's summertime, so it seems some questions go to our discussion board to die...

Phase noise from a splitter/combiner? A nice answer from madengr, thanks!

Absorber and getter in the same module (unanswered)

Standing waves observed using near-field radar measurements (unanswered)

GPR using High Isolation Duplexor using a Circulator and Pin Diode Switch (unanswered)

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  • We're always fixing typos and making corrections of one kind or another. This month,  Jake found a bad link on our Microstrip Loss Calculations page, and Marcus pointed out a slightly incorrect value on our SSPA graceful degradation page... they are both all set now.  Also, Jeff found a page where we misspelled a vendor's name - apologies go to Eagleware and thanks go to Jeff for letting us know! Notice something not-quite-right? Let us know!

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