June 2016


You don't need that.

International Microwave Symposium 2016 News

Before we get to today's topic of things that no one needs, let me mention the recent IMS 2016 in San Francisco... Thanks to everyone that stopped by the EverythingRF/Microwaves101 booth and entered our contest.  The winner of the Fitbit was Bill at Infineon.  We'll be in touch soon. All the other entrants received our second prize: you are now on a prestigious list of people that receive Microwaves101 emails twice a month, for your education and entertainment.  Enjoy!

 Next year, IMS2017 will be in in the aloha state, Hawaii. Hawaii is the only state that has an official state language other than English, hence their state motto:

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka 'Δ€ina i ka Pono: The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.

I have chosen the official IMS 2017 song, and it doesn't involve ukuleles.  If you have 21 minutes to spare, you can watch the entire Beach Boys lost concert of 1964 here (or just listen!)

Al (rhythm guitar), Carl (lead guitar), Brian (musical genius and bass guitar), Mike (lead vocals) and Dennis (drums)

Trump hair piece

Gawker was recently sued into bankruptcy for putting Hulk Hogan's sex tape on-line, and many people are cheering.  But their article on a certain hairpiece is worthy of a Pulitzer. Many people are saying that Ivari is the creator of Trump's piece, and this mysterious Italian company occupies an office of the 25th floor of Trump tower, the very same floor that has Donald's office. Its all about "micro-cylinder intervention".  Sad.

Many people say this is happening, but I don't know, I can't say if it is true or not, so I won't even talk about it. We will win so much, you will be sick of winning.  If you want to practice your Trump talking skills, try this random Trump speech generator.

While I am waiting for the Trump campaign to get in contact with me regarding this thing that I never said, I will use the on-line Trumpgenerator to insult myself:

Steve is desperate. No imagination!

Steve works really hard but just doesn't have it — a total loser!

Steve is a dummy. Just look at Steve's past. (Agreed, I am an ex-Raytheon employee...)

Love watching Steve fail! (And I'm glad to brighten someone's day...)

When you consider how little hair might be anchoring an Ivari rug, it is a safe bet that the owner would fail miserably as a hair performer in the circus. Check out Anastasia's hair act, from the Circus of Horrors. It would be great to see Donald Trump challenge Anastasia to a tug-of-war.  

BTW, I am a big fan of John Shaw's Freak show and see him every year, it is sad that he and Lady Diabla are no longer a couple but I wish them both the best. I will always have great memories of stapling currency to their skin to support children with autism...

If you are male and are losing your hair, stop obsessing over it, cut what is left short or shave it off. No one expects you to have the same hair you graduated high school with.  If you are female (or trans!) and losing your hair, please note that I am not offering you personal grooming advice, do what you need to do to make yourself happy!

While we are on the subject, nobody (male or female) needs a fake tan.

Now that I've gone overboard on focusing on physical attributes, let's step back and look at a quote that is worthy of some thought:

"…when bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle". Edmund Burke

AspireAssist pump

What stores in a small carry bag, hooks up to a discrete button implanted on your chest, and allows you to pump your last meal from your stomach into a toilet under ten minutes?  In the news recently is a just such a device.  It is supposed to help you lose weight.  More likely, it will help you eat more.  

Great meal, honey, excuse me while I go to the restroom and make room for dessert...

You don't need that.

You don't need that.

Comments on this Youtube video are disabled.  Critical thinking assignment: why do you think they did that?

AR-14 Ass. rifle

Comments on my page are disabled as well.... here is something no one needs. The AR-14* assault rifle.  Unfortunately we made the mistake of manufacturing and distributing 15,000,000 of them in the United States.  

You don't need that.

*Yes, someone will surely want to educate me that "there is no such thing as an assault rifle".  Even better, someone will want to tell me that I have the number "AR-14" incorrect because I am so stoopid. I can't wait to receive the first email at ue@microwaves101.com  Let me know when you don't hear back from me as well!


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