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February 24, 2018
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What's new on Microwaves101?

As is always the case, we've been busy adding plenty of new features to Microwaves101. We ain't been slack, Cap'n Walker!

Happy Neue Jahr from Microwaves101!

And now, it's time to see what's new on Microwaves101 for January 2018. 

  • We now have a page on helix antenna design by Hadrien.  Here you will learn the different desirable modes of the antenna, and see some undesirable ones as well. 
  • While we were on the subject of helix antennas, we add a new rule of thumb #125.
  • Recall that we have a page on reflectionless filters, invented by Matt Morgan.  Now you can buy a book on the subject!  Go to our book page and check it out.  After you find your way to Amazon, perhaps you can pick up an action figure of the other Matt Morgan...
  • To Colin, for his contribution on phased array antennas, and to Mohamed, for multiple contributions including material on ridged waveguide, we've awarded the coveted Microwaves101 pocketknife this month.  Bravo to both of you!
  • The Unknown Editor is back, this month he bids a fond farewell to Antoine "Fats" Domino, then takes up the topic of Boring Travel Stories!


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Author: Unknown Editor
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