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July 20, 2018
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Microwave Acronyms - D

DAC digital to analog converter  
DAD not an acronym The guy who used to fill your gas tank while you were in college studying to be a microwave big shot. Don't wait until father's day to call him.
DAMPS digital advanced mobile phone system  
DANL Displayed Average Noise Level From Electronic Design (Erik Diez, Agilent Technologies, Mar 22, 2012): "DANL is another term for a spectrum analyzer’s noise floor given a particular bandwidth and represents its best-case sensitivity. It is impossible to measure input signals below this noise level. Generally, sensitivity ranges from –135 dBm to –165 dBm." Thanks to Dan for pointing this out!
dB decibel Refers to relative RF power levels on a logarithmic scale. Used to express any ratio logarithmically. "I love you 1 dB more than yesterday" means a 20 percent increase.
dBc dB below carrier Measurement of how much less power a signal at one frequency has with respect to the signal at the carrier frequency.
dBm decibel relative to one milliwatt Log scale that refers to absolute RF power levels. For example, 0 dBm refers to 1 mW, 30 dBm refers to 1 Watt.
DBM double balanced mixer One of many cases of acronym reuse!
dBP dB Petre Measurement of how much power a signal has at one frequency with respect to the legendary Edward Petre.  Power levels may be lower when Ed does not carry his cellphone when making phase noise measurements.
DBS direct broadcast satellite The thing out in space that transmits all of those cartoons to your kids. The link between the satellite and your house is done with microwave signals.
DC direct current What Edison incorrectly thought you'd use in your home.
DCS digital communication system Analog cell phone standard.
DCXO digitally-compensated crystal oscillator  
DDC digital down converter Thanks to Josh!
DECT digital enhanced cordless telephone Digital cordless phone standard.
DF dissipation factor The reciprocal of quality factor (Q) for a capacitor.
DFW dielectrically-filled waveguide See substrate-integrated waveguide (SIW)
DHBT double-heterojunction bipolar transistor  
DLVA detector log video amplifier  
DOE design of experiments A more impressive way of saying, "I tried a lot of sh*t, and this seems to work the best, now pass the donuts"
DPDT double-pole, double throw A pair of SPDT switches that are ganged together (thanks, Micah!)
DPLL digital phase-locked loop  
DPQSK differential quadrature phase shift keying  
DRC design rule checking Software that verifies that you didn't do something really stupid in your layout.
DRO dielectric resonator oscillator  
DSA digital step attenuator  
DSB double sideband A receiver or downconverter that uses both sidebands.
DSBSC double sideband carrier suppression  
DSP digital signal processor What the nerds do with your IF output signal.
DSR double-selective recess A highly-repeatable way to make pHEMT gates.
DSS digital satellite system  
DTUPC design to unit production cost Here is an article on DTUPC that dates to 1973, written by the US Army.
DUT device under test That thing you just blew up out in the lab.


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Last Updated: 08 November 2017
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