DACdigital to analog converter--
DADnot an acronymThe guy who used to fill your gas tank while you were in college studying to be a microwave big shot. Don't wait until father's day to call him.
DAMPSdigital advanced mobile phone system--
DANLDisplayed Average Noise LevelFrom Electronic Design (Erik Diez, Agilent Technologies, Mar 22, 2012): "DANL is another term for a spectrum analyzer’s noise floor given a particular bandwidth and represents its best-case sensitivity. It is impossible to measure input signals below this
DBdecibelRefers to relative RF power levels on a logarithmic scale. Used to express any ratio logarithmically. "I love you 1 dB more than yesterday" means a 20 percent increase.
DBCdB below carrierMeasurement of how much less power a signal at one frequency has with respect to the signal at the carrier frequency.
DBMdecibel relative to one milliwattLog scale that refers to absolute RF power levels. For example, 0 dBm refers to 1 mW, 30 dBm refers to 1 Watt.
DBMdouble balanced mixerOne of many cases of acronym reuse!
DBPdB PetreMeasurement of how much power a signal has at one frequency with respect to the legendary Edward Petre.  Power levels may be lower when Ed does not carry his cellphone when making phase noise measurements.
DBSdirect broadcast satelliteThe thing out in space that transmits all of those cartoons to your kids. The link between the satellite and your house is done with microwave signals.
DCdirect currentWhat Edison incorrectly thought you'd use in your home.
DCSdigital communication systemAnalog cell phone standard.
DCXOdigitally-compensated crystal oscillator--
DDCdigital down converterThanks to Josh!
DECTdigital enhanced cordless telephoneDigital cordless phone standard.
DFdissipation factorThe reciprocal of quality factor (Q) for a capacitor.
DFWdielectrically-filled waveguideSee substrate-integrated waveguide (SIW)
DHBTdouble-heterojunction bipolar transistor--
DLVAdetector log video amplifier--
DOEdesign of experimentsA more impressive way of saying, "I tried a lot of sh*t, and this seems to work the best, now pass the donuts"
DPDTdouble-pole, double throwA pair of SPDT switches that are ganged together (thanks, Micah!)
DPLLdigital phase-locked loop--
DPQSKdifferential quadrature phase shift keying--
DRCdesign rule checkingSoftware that verifies that you didn't do something really stupid in your layout.
DROdielectric resonator oscillator--
DSAdigital step attenuator--
DSBdouble sidebandA receiver or downconverter that uses both sidebands.
DSBSCdouble sideband carrier suppression--
DSPdigital signal processorWhat the nerds do with your IF output signal.
DSRdouble-selective recessA highly-repeatable way to make pHEMT gates.
DSSdigital satellite system--
DTUPCdesign to unit production costHere is an article on DTUPC that dates to 1973, written by the US Army.
DUTdevice under testThat thing you just blew up out in the lab.
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