Last Updated: 25 July 2018

At, our privacy policy is simple... we treat you the way we'd want to be treated ourselves.


If you sign up for either of our newsletters, MW101Stuff or MW101 Video Stuff, all we require is a valid email address. We do ask for a name, but you can put in anything you want, we won't be doing anything with it. 

Once you sign up for either of our newsletters, you can expect to get news from us whenever we update the site. While it is hard to tell how often this will be, you can expect to hear from us about every month or so. When we send out a MW101Stuff newsletter, we automatically update the what's new page as well.

If you want to STOP getting MW101Stuff, just send an email to the unsubscribe address. We'll take you off the list right away. This information about unsubscribing will be at the bottom of every MW101Stuff newsletter that you get.

Discussion Boards

If you sign up for our discussion boards, we will ask for the name you want to use,  your email address, and a password. The email will be used to validate your account, and to send you occasional emails about the discussion board system.  You don't need to sign up to read the discussion boards, only to post comments or responses. 


We will ask for your mailing address if you win a contest so that we can mail the prize to you. We will never sell your either your mailing address or your email address to anyone else.

If this policy ever changes, we'll put notice in the Microwaves101Stuff newsletter, and we'll update this page.