E-OKelectronically OKThe web site http://www.e-okkids.com claims to have registered this trademark as "environmentally and ecologically good" (EEG?), so don't blame us if you are attacked by three talking dinosaurs if you use it improperly...
EBGelectronic bandgapA form of meta-material.
ECADElectronic CADTools used by designers (as opposed to TCAD, used by technology developers)
ECLemitter coupled logic--
ECMelectronic countermeasuresAlso ECCM for counter-counter measures.
EDelectro-depositionIn this context, placing metal through the use of electrolysis (not something you take Viagra for).
EDAElectronic design automationThe new term for "CAD"
EDMelectronic discharge machiningA way to make very accurate metal parts.
EERenvelope elimination and restorationA supply modulation technique for improving efficiency.
EHFextra-high frequency--
EIAelectronics industry associationA trade association that represents all areas of the electronics industry.
EICElectronics Industries AllianceA trade association that represents all areas of the electronics industry.
EIKAExtended interaction klystron amplifierA microwave tube that can provide 1000 watts at millimeterwave frequencies.
EIRPeffective isotropic radiated power--
EMelectromagneticWhat Maxwell figured out.
EMCelectromagnetic compatibility--
EMIelectromagnetic interferenceWhat you get if you don't pay attention to EMC requirements.
EMPelectromagnetic pulseThe reason your car won't run during a nuclear attack on your neighborhood.
ENRexcess noise ratioA rating for noise sources.
ERPeffective radiated power--
ESAelectronically-steered arraySimilar to AESA, without all the amplifiers at each phase center.
ESDelectrostatic dischargePhantom force that blows up hardware if you don't wear a strap.
ESLelectronic system levelRefers to software environments for system analysis.
ESRequivalent series resistanceThe resistive loss of a capacitor.
ESSenvironmental stress screening--
ETenvelope trackingA supply modulation technique for improving efficiency.
ETCelectronic toll-collecting--
ETSIEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute--
EUTend user terminal--
EVMerror vector magnitude--
EWelectronic warfare--
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