I/Qin-phase/quadratureAs in "I/Q modulator", not the intelligence quotient of your colleagues.
ICintegrated circuit--
ICDinterconnect diagramA type of block diagram.
ICPInsane Clown PosseA musical group that you don't want your daughter to be a groupy for? actually, a great way to etch via holes in GaAs substrates.
IDinside diameterThe inside dimension of a cylinder.
IDSdrain-source currentThe channel current in an FET.
IDSSsaturated drain source currentLogical people think this should be abbreviated"SDSC"
IECInternational Electrotechnical CommissionA standards organization.
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersThe subgroup MTT-S hosts an annual gathering of all things microwaves, publishes a lot of excellent but often hard-to-read microwave-related papers, and is helping to review some of our MW101 articles.
IFintermediate frequencyThe output frequency of a down converter.
IIP2, IIP3input third order intercept pointThe intercept points, referenced to input.
IIP3input third order intercept pointSame as ITOI.
ILinsertion loss--
ILFDinjection locked frequency divider--
IMAXmaximum current for a FETMaximum FET channel current, typically measured at +0.5 volts VGS and +1 volt VDS.
IMDintermodulation distortionOften refers to "TOI".
IMNinput matching network, inter-stage matching network--
IMPintermodulation products--
IMPATTimpact avalanche and transit timeA nearly forgotten diode technology that offered great promise for supplying high power at millimeter wavelengths.
IMRintermodulation ratioThe difference in magnitude of observed during two-tone IMD measurements.
INPindium phosphideA III-V compound semiconductor suitable for frequencies up to and beyond 100 GHz.
IPintellectual propertyWhat you try to protect with a patent.
IP2second order intercept point--
IP3third order intercept point--
IRMimage reject mixerA mixer that removes the image frequency contribution from the IF.
ISMIndustrial scientific medicalFrequency band designation
ISVindividual source viasThe best possible grounding scheme for power FETs, usually required 2-mil substrates.
ITARinternational traffic in arms regulationsA set of regulations in the United States that controls the export of data that is critical to military programs.
ITOIinput third order interceptSame as IIP3.
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