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July 20, 2018
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Microwave Acronyms - I

IC integrated circuit  
ICD interconnect diagram A type of block diagram.
ICP Insane Clown Posse.
No, just kidding, inductively-coupled plasma
A musical group that you don't want your daughter to be a groupy for? actually, a great way to etch via holes in GaAs substrates.
ID inside diameter The inside dimension of a cylinder.
IDS drain-source current The channel current in an FET.
IDSS saturated drain source current Logical people think this should be abbreviated"SDSC"
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission A standards organization.
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers The subgroup MTT-S hosts an annual gathering of all things microwaves, publishes a lot of excellent but often hard-to-read microwave-related papers, and is helping to review some of our MW101 articles. 
IF intermediate frequency The output frequency of a down converter.
IIP2, IIP3 input third order intercept point The intercept points, referenced to input.
IL insertion loss  
ILFD injection locked frequency divider  
IMAX maximum current for a FET Maximum FET channel current, typically measured at +0.5 volts VGS and +1 volt VDS.
IM intermodulation  
IMD intermodulation distortion Often refers to "TOI".
IMN input matching network, inter-stage matching network  
IMP intermodulation products  
IMR intermodulation ratio The difference in magnitude of observed during two-tone IMD measurements.
IMPATT impact avalanche and transit time A nearly forgotten diode technology that offered great promise for supplying high power at millimeter wavelengths.
InP indium phosphide A III-V compound semiconductor suitable for frequencies up to and beyond 100 GHz.
IIP3 input third order intercept point Same as ITOI.
I/O input/output  
IP intellectual property What you try to protect with a patent.
IP2 second order intercept point  
IP3 third order intercept point  
I/Q in-phase/quadrature As in "I/Q modulator", not the intelligence quotient of your colleagues.
IRM image reject mixer A mixer that removes the image frequency contribution from the IF.
ISV individual source vias The best possible grounding scheme for power FETs, usually required 2-mil substrates.
ITAR international traffic in arms regulations A set of regulations in the United States that controls the export of data that is critical to military programs.
ITOI input third order intercept Same as IIP3.
Last Updated: 24 April 2017
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