LANlocal area network--
LCALane change assistAn application of automotive radar
LCCleadless chip carrierA type of package.
LCPliquid crystal polymerA type of low-cost soft substrate.
LDMOSlaterally diffused metal oxide semiconductorPower amp technology, pioneered by Freescale.
LECliquid-encapsulated CzochralskiThe most popular method of growing single-crystal GaAs material.
LHCPleft-hand circularly polarized--
LMDSlocal multipoint distribution system--
LNAlow noise amplifierA low noise amplifier has good noise figure, but limited power handling. Used in a receiver.
LNBlow noise blockDownconverter module consisting of a low noise amplifier and a mixer. Often used to describe the first section of a receiver.
LOlocal oscillatorThe signal used to drive a mixer to change the carrier frequency. Pronounced "ell-oh", if you say "low" people will immediately think you are a buyer and not an engineer.
LORANlong range navigationActually, this is more like a portmanteau than an acronym. Invented by Alfred Lee Loomis.
LPFlow-pass filterA two-port network that rejects signals above a certain frequency band.
LRLline-reflect-lineA type of network measurement calibration.
LRMline-reflect-matchA type of network measurement calibration.
LSlarge signalRange in which stuff acts non-linear.
LSBleast significant bitIn a three-bit phase shifter, the 45 degree bit.
LSGlarge signal gainThe gain characteristic of a nonlinear device near its saturation point.
LSMlow side mixingRefers to the condition that the LO frequency is below the RF frequency.
LTCClow-temperature co-fired ceramicA versatile but expensive multi-layer ceramic substrate technology.
LTELong term evolutionA wireless communication standard.
LVSlayout versus schematicA software means of checking that your MMIC circuit will work on the first iteration.
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