NAnetwork analyzerTest equipment used to measure S-parameters of a part. See also ANA.
NADCNorth American digital cellular--
NAMPSnarrow band advanced mobile phone serviceAnalog cell phone standard.
NDFNormalized Determinant Function--
NDTnon-destruct testingQual procedures that don't wreck your hardware.
NEXTnear end cross talk--
NFnano-FaradA unit of capacitance, 10E-9 Farads.
NFnoise figureA measurement of how much a component degrades the signal-to-noise ratio of a system.
NFNear fieldA type of antenna measurement
NFMnoise figure meterTest equipment for measuring noise figure and sometimes gain.
NGTnot greater thanSometimes used in specifications.
NHnano-HenryA unit of inductance, 10-9 Henries.
NIPN-type/intrinsic/P-typeThe opposite diode structure of PIN.
NLTnot less thanSometimes used in specifications.
NLT, NLTLNonlinear transmission lineUsed in comb generators.
NPRnoise power ratioAnother measurement of power amplifier linearity.
NREnon-recurring costThis is how you recover the money you lose when you sell piece parts at a loss to force your competition out of business.
NTCnegative temperature coefficientA thermistor with resistance value decreasing with temperature.
NTEnot to exceedSometimes used in specifications. What's the opposite of NTE? not to deceed???
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