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May 27, 2018
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Microwave Acronyms - R

rad radian Unit of angle. There are 2pi radians in 360 degrees. Rad can also mean bad to a young engineer, which of course means good.
radar radio detection and ranging  
RBW resolution bandwidth An oscilloscope term.
RC resistance x capacitance Generally a time constant,
farads x ohms = seconds.
RCS radar cross-section  
R&D Research and development Alternatively, remorse and disappointment.
RETMA Radio Electronics Television Manufacturers Association Defunct group that developed standardized component values that are still used today.
RF radio frequency As in "whats the frequency, Dan Rather?"
RFIC radio frequency integrated circuit The silicon cousin of MMIC.
RFID radio frequency identification What Walmart uses to track inventory.
RHCP right-hand circularly polarized Circular polarization is often used in communications systems.
RIE reactive ion etching A method of dry etching.
RKE remote keyless entry RF device that opens your car door.
RL return loss Magnitude of S11 in decibels.
RMS root-mean-square Often used to evaluate phase and amplitude errors over many states.
RN noise resistance  
RPN residual phase noise  
RSS root-sum-square Used in evaluating the composite error of many contributors, as opposed to worst-case.
RTA rapid thermal annealing  
RTD resonant tunneling diode, resistor temperature device or detector One is a new semiconductor used in MMW, the other is like an expensive thermistor
RTOL room temperature operating life A reliability test that takes a very long time!
RX receive An abbreviation sometimes used for receive.
Author: Unknown Editor
Last Updated: 11 October 2016
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