TABtape automated bonding--
TACStotal access communication systemAnalog cell phone standard.
TCtemperature coefficient or thermo-compression or temperature cycleA type of wirebond employing heat.
TCADTechnology computer aided designTools used by technology developers (as opposed to circuit designers using ECAD)
TCCtemperature coefficient of capacitance--
TCEtemperature coefficient of resistance (CTE is also used)An approximate measure of how a solid expands or contracts over temperature.
TCRtemperature coefficient of resistivityAn approximate measure of how a resistor varies over temperature.
TCXOtemperature-compensated crystal oscillator--
TDDtime division duplex--
TDMAtime division multiple access--
TDUtime delay unitA network that provides switchable path lengths for delaying a signal by a specified time.
TEtransverse electricA type of waveform associated with waveguides, requires only one closed conductor.
TEtest equipment--
TEMtransverse electromagneticA type of waveform that requires two conductors, such as coax or stripline.
TFCthin-film capacitorCapacitors that are formed using thin-film processes, often called MIM (metal-insulator-metal) caps.
TFMSLthin-film microstrip lineThis type of transmission line is often used on silicon RF devices. Because silicon is not a great insulator, a dielectric layer such as BCB is deposited, then metal is patterned on top to define circuitry.
TFNthin-film networkA circuit that is processed on a substrate by depositing layers of metals (and sometimes insulators), using etching (and sometimes plating) operations to define features.
TFRthin-film resistorResistors that are formed using thin-film techniques.
THZterahertzThe region of electro-magnetic spectrum between millimeterwaves and light; 1012 Hertz.
TIAtrans-impedance amplifier--
TLAthree letter acronymAs in, FBI, EWR, WWW, DOS. Cheer up, there are only 17,576 possible TLAs!
TMtransverse magneticA type of waveform associated with waveguides, requires only one closed conductor.
TNequivalent noise temperatureAn alternate method of expressing noise figure, often used by scientists with thick glasses.
TNCthreaded Neill-ConcelmanA connector developed a long time ago that you might find on older equipment.
TOIthird-order intercept--
TPMStire pressure monitoring systemA future government mandate to protect fat stupid people from SUV rollovers
TR, T/Rtransmit receiveA transmit receive element, module, or system.
TRFtuned radio frequency (receiver)A radio architecture from the early 20th century. Mostly abandoned when the superhet was developed.
TRLthrough reflect lineA type of network measurement calibration.
TSthermo-sonicA type of wirebond employing heat and sound waves.
TSAtapered slot antennaAlso known as the Vivaldi antenna.
TSSOPthin shrink small outline packageOne of many package styles.
TTDtrue time delayA type of phase shifter employing switched lines that are multiple wavelengths long.
TTLtransistor-transistor logicOld-school logic standard.
TVACthermal vacuum chamberUsed for simulating the conditions of space flight on electronics.
TVROtelevision receive only--
TWTtraveling wave tubeA form of microwave power amplifier. Provides tens of watts to several thousand watts, often with poor noise characteristics but high efficiency. Named after a guy named Wave who was on the road a lot.
TXtransmitAn abbreviation sometimes used for transmit.
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