Enter gain, noise figure, and P1dB to calculate cascaded system performance.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total
Gain (dB)
NF (dB)
P1dB (dBm)

Total Gain (dB) = Gain1 + Gain2 + Gain3

Total NF (dB) = 10*log10(nf1 + (nf2-1)/gain1) + (nf3-1)/(gain1*gain2)

Total P1dB (dB) = 10*log10((1/(p1dB1*gain2*gain3) + 1/(p1dB2*gain3) + 1/(p1dB3))^-1)

Note: The calculations for Total P1dB and NF use linear values (NOT dB) for nf, p1dB, and gain.

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