Indium is often used in alloy solders. Pure indium is rarely used, but indium sheets make a useful "tweaking" material for temporarily tuning thin-film circuits since it sticks pretty well to gold thin-films when carefully squashed down with a wood toothpick or similarly expensive tool. Where else but Microwaves101 would you learn stuff like that?

 All values except melting point are assumed to be at 25 degrees C, and may vary dramatically over temperature.

Formula or Composition In
Bulk Resistivity 15.52 μΩ-cm
Bulk Resistivity 1.552E-7 Ω-cm
Bulk Conductivity 6.44E6 S/m
Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity (TCR) 33000? ppm/°C
Mass Density 7.3 gr/cc
Heat Capacity 238.7 J/kg/°C
Thermal Conductivity (k) 80.0 W/m°C
Temperature Coefficient of Expansion (TCE) 33 ppm/°C
Melting Point, °C 157 °C
Melting Point, °F 314 °F

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