Iridium is a conducting material. The Iridium satellite constellation got its name from the atomic number of iridium which is 77, and also the original number of satellites they planned to orbit for satellite phone coverage.  Later, they decided that only 66 satellites would be enough to cover the entire Earth (thanks to Arne for this correction!)

All values except melting point are assumed to be at 25 degrees C, and may vary dramatically over temperature.

Formula or Composition Ir
Temperature Coefficient of Iridium ppm/°C
Bulk Resistivity 4.7 μΩ-cm
Bulk Resistivity 4.7E-8
Bulk Conductivity 2.13E7 S/m
Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity (TCR) 3900 ppm/°C
Mass Density 22.42 gr/cc
Specific Heat J/g/°C
Thermal Conductivity (k) W/m°C
Temperature Coefficient of Expansion (TCE)  
Melting Point, °C 2410
Melting Point, °F 4370

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