In microwave engineering, iron alloys (Fe/Ni plus traces of metals like cobalt) are often used in hermetic housings. Thanks to our thirst for iron ore, the Edmond Fitzgerald resides permanently on the bottom of Lake Superior.

All values except melting point are assumed to be at 25 degrees C, and may vary dramatically over temperature.

Formula or Composition Fe
Bulk Resistivity 9.66 μΩ-cm
Bulk Resistivity 9.66E-8 Ω-cm
Bulk Conductivity 1.04E7 S/m
Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity (TCR) 6500 ppm/°C
Mass Density 7.81 gr/cc
Heat Capacity J/kg/°C
Thermal Conductivity (k) 80.3 W/m°C
Temperature Coefficient of Expansion (TCE) 12 ppm/°C
Melting Point, °C 1535 °C
Melting Point, °F 2795 °F

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