Joystick Gamma Amplifier

New for April 2024.  The Unknown Editor steps up his game in 2024.  We now have a YouTube channel with original content!

For this month, we present what we call the "Joystick Gamma Amplifier".  This is an ideal component we put together in Microwave Office to facilitate moving reflection and transmission coefficients of amplifiers independently, to see what the effects are when mismatched amplifiers are combined in solid-state power amplifiers. This is going to be used to answer a self-posted question on our message board about reactive power combiners. You can download the Microwave Office porject file described on this page over in our download area.

For now, we have developed just the "joystick" circuit for messing with individual amplifiers.  You can download the Microwave Office project file in out download area.  Soon we will post content on what the effects are in an SSPAs using different power combiner networks.  The effects of transmission phase mismatch between amplifiers is pretty well known to readers of Microwaves101, with the Joystick Gamma Amplifier we aim to be the first media to look at the effects of reflection coefficient magnitudes and phases. Now sit back and enjoy the five minute video!

Joystick Gamma Amplifier presented by the Unknown Editor

As described in the video, the main effort of this project is to decouple the reflection coefficients from the forward transmission coefficient.  If you don't have Microwaves Office and want to try this in Keysight's ADS, let us know if you can't read the equations and we will post them here. But if you look at the video full screen you should be able to read everything.

Now that we have brought this small "joy" into your life, you might want to watch Rod Steiger playing Joy Boy in the 1962 film "the Loved One"... perhaps one of the greatest comedies of all time. Let's not let serious discussions of power amplifiers drag down our day!

Momma's little Joy Boy loves Lobsters

Author : Unknown Editor