Lumped element matching calculator

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New for March 2023. We now offer a lumped-element matching calculator in our download area, thanks to Antonije and Slobodan at University of Belgrade. You can find it in our download area (look for "Matching with lumped").  For a given complex impedance and center frequency, it provides two different L-section transformations to your choice of (real) characteristic impedance.  The networks could be referred to as high-pass and low-pass networks. Beware, you need to enter the frequency in Hz, not GHz.

Their calculator is embedded in a zip file, which contains:

1. Matching with lumped elements.pdf - Relatively short text with some theory, a few examples, and programs description,
2. matching_network.m                        - Program written for Octave/Matlab,
3. matching_network.exe                     - Executable (stand-alone) program,
4. matching_network.cpp                     - Source C++ code for the "matching_network.exe",
5.                       - Program written for Python.

We resisted the temptation of plagiarizing the pdf document for this page, you can read the original after you download the file.

We tried out the executable file, to generate and example low-pass network to match 10-j10 ohms at 10 GHz.  We  entered the L and C values into Microwave Office to verify that it works:


Voila!  It worked perfectly!

Note: you can probably find lumped-element impedance matching synthesizers on-line, but why not just run this one from your desktop?  Do you really want someone you don't know looking at your design frequencies?  Having your own calculator will allow you to work off-line, at 30,000 feet in the air, or in a SCIF. Now go download it!

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