Microwave Smartphone Apps

New for November 2010! Here is a place where smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) users can learn about microwave-related applications.

The Unknown Editor doesn't have a smartphone, so he won't be weighing in on any of this...

MW Calculator

This came from Faust...

I want to inform you about an application I made for the Android mobile device. It's called "MW calculator" and it is a rf and microwave toolkit for rf and microwave engineers and radio amateurs. I think that it may also be interesting for electronic students.

Is it possible for the users to request for additional tools inside this toolkit.

There is a free version with the following tools:

- Pi and T attenuator calculator
- Reflectometer calculator
- Mismatch error limits calculator

There is a paid (2.99 eur) version with a lot more tools.

More information you can find here:



Author : Faust