Nonlinear Transmission Lines

A nonlinear transmission line is a form of artificial transmission line formed of a periodic structure of series inductors and shunt capacitors. In this case, the capacitors are sensitive to voltage, for examples, varactors or BST capacitors could be used.

For nonlinear transmission lines, the acronym is NLT or NLTL (take your pick!)

When a voltage waveform travels along the NLT it is distorted, usually the waveform becomes sharper (faster transition times). One application of NLT is a comb generator.


Related to NLTLs are soliton waves, which can be produced in canals. Soliton waves are self-reinforcing. Below is a video filmed at University of Trente.  Here's two questions: Why doesn't someone create a water park with a soliton canal that would be used for surfing? And could a soliton exist in a circular canal track so it never ends?



More to come!


Author : Unknown Editor