Rhodium is a metal in the platinum family. It is not often used in microwaves, but it sounds cool so we left it in the encyclopedia.

All values except melting point are assumed to be at 25 degrees C, and may vary dramatically over temperature.

Formula or Composition: Rh
Bulk Resistivity: 4.51 μΩ-cm
Bulk Resistivity: 4.51E-8 Ω-cm
Bulk Conductivity: 2.22E7 S/m
Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity (TCR): 4200 ppm/°C
Mass Density: 12.4 gr/cc
Heat Capacity: J/kg/°C
Thermal Conductivity (k): W/m°C
Temperature Coefficient of Expansion (TCE): ppm/°C
Melting Point, °C: 1966 °C
Melting Point, °F: 3571 °F



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