Smith Chart Tributes

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The Smith Chart was the brainchild of Microwave Hall-of-Famer Phillip H. Smith back in the 1930s.  One of the unique things about his work is that both axes (real and imaginary) go all the way to infinity.   

On this page we will publish photos of Smith Charts that appear in random places, including swag from microwave trade shows. If you know of anyone with a Smith Chart tattoo, have her in touch with us! One of the silly "henna" tattoos does not count...

New for November 2023.  Here is a bierdeckel from the 2023 European Microwave show in September, from  QP Microwave. QP manufactures DC-50 GHz components that are proudly marketed as non-ITAR. The English translation of "deckel" is "mat" in case you could not figure that out. Thanks to Jack for sending four of them to us!

Update August 2019: Here's a cool template that we got from Frank at TNO, a research organization based in the Netherlands that is known for GaN, SiGe and AESA work.  They're promoting European Microwave Week 2020 in Utrecht (the Netherlands) with this Smith Chart template.  Now all we need is a mechanical pencil...


New for December 2018! The first year ECE students under the guidance of Dr S Raghavan, Professor, ECE dept., N I T Trichy, came out for the first time with the novel idea of putting a Smith chart on ...wait for it... a CAKE! We think it looks delicious.

If you run across any Smith chart tributes out there, please tell us about them!

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