Tips and Techniques for Microwave Circuit Design

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Dr. Robert L. Eisenhart, of Eisenhart & Associates, a.k.a. Dr. HFSS, has been working as an electrical engineer for over 60 years, and is first inventor on many patents. He has generously offered to share some of his vast experience with us by allowing us to post the slides from his full-day lecture course entitled "A Collection of Thoughts, Tips and Techniques for Microwave Circuit Design".  When you click any of the following links, you'll not only see the slides, but Bob's commentary beneath each slide.  

Many thanks to Bob Eisenhart for this early Christmas present!

1 Introduction Design process (7 slides)
2 TEM Transmission Lines/Connections (34 slides)
3 Planar Circuit Issues (26 slides)
4 Waveguides and Circuits (45 slides)
5 Antenna Element Design (28 slides)
6 Antenna Array Design (40 slides)
7 Extraneous Items (45 slides)
8 Dual Band Common Aperture Array Design (41 slides)

Author : Bob Eisenhart