Transient analysis using EDA software

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New for May 2020. Transient analysis is used in microwave designs to see how circuits respond to being turned on and off, among other things.  Often it is done using SPICE, but if you are fortunate to have full EDA tools at your disposal (and your company bought the extra required licenses) you can do the analysis using familiar software tools like Microwave Office and Keysight ADS. These companies are like Boeing and Airbus, they will both get you to the same place, but without the idiotic 737 Max MCAS death-dive system.

One of the limitations of transient analysis is that frequency-dependent circuit elements are not possible.  So if you want to analyze what happens along a transmission line, you'd better review how to model it with lumped components.

The first video (from Keysight) shows a time-based switch in ADS used in a simple capacitor charging circuit.

Transient analysis using Keysight ADS

The second video is by Aaron Scher and shows transient analysis using AWR's (now part of Cadence) Microwave Office. He's got some other interesting videos on his YouTube channel, check it out!

Transient analysis using AWR Microwave Office

These are pretty boring examples.... what we'd really like is an example circuit that shows enough ringing to blow up a critical component! Send us a link please...


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