Video Conferencing

There are many video conferencing options available, but the quality of your conference will also depend on qualtity of your internet connection, webcam, and microphone. Basic features of most conferencing software packages include the ability to allow people to connect in different ways, to share a screen, to record your meeting.  Most of the differences between these packages tends to come down to the number of people who can participate, the ease of use, and the cost.









4 (free) - 12 video participants, 4-30 participants, up to 200 call in 

Unlimited at pro level, transcriptions 

Free until 2021

$10/user/month up to  $13/user/month (discounts for a lot of users) 

Desktop or phone app, phone call 

Outlook, G-Suite, Slack, MS Teams 

Screen sharing, whiteboard, notes, mouse/keyboard share 

BlueJeans Meetings 

50-150 video participants 

Up to 5 hours at lowest tier, unlimited at enterprise level  

$10/host/month up to $17.50/host/month, quote needed for enterprise level 

In browser 

Microsoft Teams, Slack, Fackbook workplace 

White board, screen sharing 

Google Hangouts Meet 

100-250 participants, 100,000 viewers at enterprise level 

Unlimited at enterprise level 

$6/user/month up to $25/user/month (Part of GSuite) 

Google Chrome, phone app or phonecall 

Component of GSuite 

Screen Sharing, file sharing 


150,250,3000 participants,
25 video participants 

Unlimited at second tier 

$12/organizer/month up to $19/organizer/month, quote needed for enterprise level 



Screen Sharing, whiteboard, keyboard/mouse sharing @second teir 

Microsoft Teams (Skype for Business) 

10,000 viewing, up to 250 video participants 


Included in Office 365, or $5/user/month up to $20/user/month 

Software or Browser or phone call 

A module of Office 365 

Screen Sharing, file sharing 


100 – 100,000 [?] participants, 25 video 

Local or Cloud, transcriptions 

$13.50/host/month up to $30/host/month (min 5) 

Download or in browser, phone 

Calendar programs, Slack

Screen sharing, white board, file sharing 


Up to 1000 viewing, up to 49 video participants 

Local or cloud, searchable transcripts 

Free for 1:1 meetings up to 40 minutes

$15/host/month up to $20/host/month 

Download required 

Most calendar apps 

Screen Sharing 

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