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Dinosaur Park, one of the local attractions in Rapid City

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The ECE department of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SDSM&T, located in Rapid City) features a recently-formulated major direction for its undergraduate and graduate students in the area of Applied Electromagnetics. Offered courses include Microwave Engineering, Antennas for Wireless Communications and Communication Systems for undergrads, as well as a variety of grad courses focused on the faculty areas of interest:

Advanced Antennas,
Advanced Microwaves,
Advanced Electromagnetics,
Guided Waves and Material Measurements
Applied EM: The FDTD Method
and Computational Electromagnetics.

SDSM&T graduates typically enjoy 100% employment in either the industry sector (Boeing, Ball Aerospace, EchoStar, Garmin, L-3, Northrop Grumman, Rockwell Collins, Sandia National Labs, US Air Force Research Labs, etc.) or in academia (those who decide to continue in other schools), and the area is ideal for summer sports, winter sports and nature lovers.

SDSM&T has currently three faculty that focus in EM:

Prof. Keith Whites is a well-established Professor and Endowed Chair with several books and awards:

Dr. Thomas Montoya focusing on loaded antennas and Computational EM:

and Dr. Dimitris Anagnostou who focuses on reconfigurable and flexible antennas and antenna arrays, and recently was awarded the IEEE 2010 John Kraus Antenna Award from the IEEE APS society:

This School has a tradition on excellent teaching, and an incredible reputation for an engineering school in the Midwest – so those interested in learning check it out. Current research foci include:

Antennas (Reconfigurable, Flexible, Arrays),
Microwave Circuits (mostly passive: Filters, Baluns, couplers etc.),
Direct-Write "Green" RF Electronics and RF Harvesters,
Artificial Dielectric Materials, EBG structures and Metamaterials.

The department has a brand new webpage (as of Nov. 2010): , so expect more to come!

SDSM&T is the School of Choice for Engineering in South Dakota and beyond.




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