Why there is no way to make a 45 degree hybrid coupler

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New for March 2020.

This page was contributed by Nick, who had a need for a 45  degree hybrid.  At some point he stumbled onto our page on hybrid 3dB couplers where we stated:

Hybrid couplers are the special case of a four-port directional coupler that is designed for a 3-dB (equal) power split. Hybrids come in two types, 90 degree or quadrature hybrids, and 180 degree hybrids. Why isn't there a "45 degree hybrid" you ask? Maybe it wouldn't isolate the fourth port! Anyone that can submit a proof of this statement will win a gift!

Nick rose to the challenge and provided the pdf that is attached here.

At some point we might reassemble Nick's proof as images on this page, but don't hold your breath.

Thanks, Nick, your gift will soon be in the mail!


Author : Nick Estes