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What's the elevator speech?

Microwaves101 is a practical web resource covering the fundamental principles of microwave design, free for microwave engineers, and sponsored by forward-thinking microwave vendors with deep pockets... it's a beautiful thing! For more details, check out our mission statement!

If you are a microwave engineer, please enjoy the entire site for free. Like you, we loathe all sites that try to charge you money for knowledge, or bug you for personal information, or jump all over your computer with pop-up ads.

Areas of the site that are devoted to fostering microwave knowledge include a comprehensive microwave encyclopedia, a message board for community interaction, an acronym dictionary, and the extremely popular microwave calculators. On the lighter side, there's an opinion column by "The Unknown Editor," and a photo gallery of blown-up hardware called the "Microwave Mortuary." We also devote a fair amount of the site to history, including the one and only Microwave Hall of Fame.

How long have you been developing this site?

We started in 2000. And we plan to work on this site for the next twenty years!

How much money are you raking in on this?

A classified amount. Remember, some overnight successes became profitable in as few as fifteen years.

Why is Microwaves101 better than a trade rag site?

Great question, many reasons: We are constructing an encyclopedia of knowledge that is fully indexed and easy to use, and none of the "articles" ever expire. We let you use the site for free, and remain anonymous. If we don't like a product or vendor, we will tell you so. And then there's the humor thing...

But perhaps more importantly, in the words of one of our fans,

"I want to thank you for having a web site devoted to the "Art" of microwave for everyone, not just for the chosen few that prefer to impress each other by teaching you how much they know instead of trying to teach others what they need to know. If we share the "Tricks" we use with others, it can help optimize the price and performance of the products we make."

- Bob Luly, 9/28/04

Who is the owner of Microwaves101? is owned and maintained by P-N Designs, Inc., of Tucson Arizona. The concept was created on a paper napkin during 2000 (what did you think P-N stands for?) and has been growing slowly but surely as a few key people contribute valuable stuff in their spare time.

P-N Designs is a female-owned, veteran owned business.
Our government CAGE code is 3MLV7.
Our Duns number is 876664454.

What other services does P-N Designs offer?

We'd love to help you with any technical writing contract work that you need, including user manuals, web site development, data sheets, etc. A favorite job is taking your microwave data sheets written in bad English and fixing them up so that potential customers can read them. We've also done usability work, white papers, and organizational consulting. Flat rate of $50/hour plus expense applies here. That is extremely cheap.

We can also consult on your microwave problems, depending on if our combined expertise is a good fit for your problem. Contact us  if you have something you'd like us to bid on. This costs more than $50/hour.

Want the Unknown Editor to give a lecture at your college campus? If you can meet his expenses, let's talk!

We can also hook you up if you want calculators on your web site. Contact us.

When can you put up some material on my favorite topic?

Soon! Especially if you help us out by suggesting a topic, or better yet, sending us some material!

How come my really big and knowledgeable company can't do a similar thing to Microwaves101 on our intranet?

Don't make us laugh. While your company may have many thousands of man-years of microwave engineering talent, your big company has too many restrictions and too much politics and infighting to create a useful knowledge base such as Microwaves101.

What does Microwaves101 know that would make the Unknown Editor a good nominee for my microwave company's board of directors?

A lot of things come to mind... most microwave companies don't "get" the world-wide web. You still think that advertising in the Microwaves and RF "yellow pages" is marketing money well spent. On top of that, most microwave web sites just completely suck, maybe because the average age of a microwave company owner is 97 years. For a small bag of cash, the Unknown Editor can enlighten you to how this is supposed to work.

OK, how come some small company can't make a useful encyclopedia of microwave knowledge?

What you see here took literally thousands of hours to research, write, edit, and post. We're probably the only people who are so passionate about the subject that we don't care if we are only making minimum wage. On a good day.

Is this a "Christian" web site?

No. But we occasionally use Eagleware's "Genesys".

I am a vendor of microwave products. How can Microwaves101 help me sell my stuff?

That's easy! Help us with some technical content on a page that has to do with your products, then sign up as a sponsor, and we'll send hundreds of prospective clients you way! Here is our sponsorship information!

I had this weird dream last night... what does it mean?

Not a damn thing!

How many hits does Microwaves101 generate each day?

We've got an entire page on statistics about our site. The short answer is, more than your web site.

What do I get if I contribute to Microwaves101?

If you want to help us out, shoot in some material, suggestions, or even questions for the site, and if we use your stuff we will send you a wonderful Microwaves101 key chain pocketknife!

We will mark your contributed material any way you want, crediting your full name, nickname, or leave your work anonymous.

What areas could you use some technical help in right now?

Antennas. Phase noise. More stuff on filters. You name it, we need it.

Can I use your pictures or text in my presentations at work?

Maybe! Send a request to us at, telling us what you want to use them for. Unless otherwise noted, we hold the copyright on all of the content on all of our pages. Typically we'll let you use the pictures as long as say where you got them (nothing like word of mouth advertising!) The text is a different story, we want to protect the unique Microwaves101 voice and style.

Can you send me a magnetron (or other part) for my microwave oven?

No, throw out the oven like your darling wife said and buy a new one, Einstein.

Can you do my homework for me?  By the way, it is due tomorrow.

No. If you can't study the material, figure it out, and make your own answers, we don't want you in our industry. Find another place to work. If you like to cheat, maybe Enron will hire you.

How much would you sell this web site for?

Long green and it's all yours. We'll even throw in a supply of pocket knives, Microwaves101 pens, and maybe a polo shirt or two. Drop us a line!

Author : Unknown Editor