Transmission Lines

This page indexes our ever-expanding material on microwave transmission lines, which resides on many separate pages. Here's some "generic" transmission line topics:

Wire over ground transmission line (new for March 2021)

A more-accurate Tline model (new for August 2020)

Light, phase and group velocities


Characteristic impedance

Transmission line model

Transmission line loss

Propagation constant

Skin depth

Group delay

Below are some specific types of transmission lines that we have content on:

Artificial transmission lines


Wire over ground transmission line (new for March 2021)

Coplanar waveguide


Multi-dielectric coax


Slab line (see slotted lines)

Slow-wave structures



Wire transmission lines

By the way, waveguide is technically NOT a transmission line, but it serves the same purpose. Here's our content on various types of waveguides:

Circular waveguide

Dielectric-loaded waveguide

Double-ridged waveguide


Parallel plate waveguide

Rectangular waveguide

Substrate integrated waveguide

Here's some other transmission line relate topics

Slow-wave structures

Nonlinear transmission lines

We don't have much material on twisted pair, finline, slotline, double-ridged waveguide, circular waveguide or tallguide... maybe your company would like to sponsor one of these? Contact us!


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